Let's Talk Energy Radio Series

Wondering what we mean by ‘energy literacy’? This radio series is a great place to learn just what we’re talking about. Hosted by Ophira Horwitz, you’ll find out what Canadians just like you think about energy consumption, sustainable living, and the importance of energy in our lives. Talk with a variety of energy experts to hear what they think the future of energy might look like. Learn about Canada’s energy history from museum curators and explore how it has founded our present energy landscape.

Episode 1: Host Ophira Horwitz sits down with Bob Oliver, Executive Director of Pollution Probe, to hear how energy literacy can empower Canadians to make informed choices.  Discover the importance of the energy system as whole, and learn why a common energy language could help Canada talk energy effectively. Next, find out why fuel sources shape the technology we use from CSTMC Curator Emily Gann.

Episode 2: How, where, and why do you use energy? That’s what Mike Cleland, Nexen Executive in Residence for the Canada West Foundation and co-chair of the LTE National Advistory Committee asks you to consider. Find out why he thinks our information sources on energy aren’t doing enough to help Canadians become energy literate. Stick around to hear from CSTMC curator Sharon Babian. Discover how world history helped shape current nuclear energy policies in Canada, and how this may help us grasp the place of nuclear in our energy grid.

Episode 3: Hear from Peter Boag, President and CEO of Canadian Fuels Association, as he discusses the difficulty in balancing energy demand with individual comforts. Learn why he wants Canadians to understand and take responsibility for their individual role in the complex national energy system. Then chat with CSTMC curator Brian Dewalt and uncover how energy consumption contributed to huge innovation in cell phone technology.

Episode 4: Energy Expert Gregory Callenberg, Director of ‘The Rational Middle’ series, thinks Canada has the potential to be a global leader in sustainability – if we can manage our resources responsibly. Hear why he thinks that a renewable energy future lies in collaboration. CSTMC Curator Sean Tudor takes you through a brief history of vertical axis wind turbines and explains how they help rural Northern communities power up.

Episode 5: How do we reconcile modern life with sustainable energy options? For Prof. Jason Donev, we help Canadians become aware of the realities of energy and start to have authentic conversations about them. Then learn about the prestige that comes with electricity from CSTMC curator Anna Adamek.

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