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Energy Games

Ready to plug in and get gaming? Try some of Let's Talk Energy's favourite online energy games! Find out if your energy smarts measure up to the best, defeat sneaky energy hogs in your home, build a generating station to follow the flow of power - and that's just a the tip of the iceberg! Please note that these websites have been developed by others and will open in a new window.


Energy Hogs

Can you vanquish all the energy hogs and save energy around your house?

Hydro Québec

Are you ready to explore electricity? Here's your chance to build a generating station, practice avoiding electric shocks, and produce your own renewable power!


Wonderville Games

Feel like changing jobs for a day? Become an architect to design an energy-conscious street, or join the Conductor team to help Current City manage their energy use! Thinking smaller? Try life at the atomic level as a neutron on the hunt for uranium-236!

Kids Saving Energy – Games

Follow the journey of Energy Ant from oil rigs to hydro plants, challenge your brain with energy puzzles, and ace your science fair with awesome experiment ideas!

Energy Star Kids

Learn about conserving energy through games and fun activities.



Fort McMoney

Explore the complexity of the oilsands with this unique interactive documentary game.

Power Play

If you're an energy planner, you're always trying to ensure we have enough energy supply to meet demand. How could we fill this gap?


Name your town and work towards balancing sustainable energy, growth, and profit. You have 150 turns to create a city, generate revenue, build power generation, and manage the resulting environmental impact while keeping your citizens happy!


Manage the energy consumption of a town over a 50 year span. Will you be able to help the community reach the objectives it has set?


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