National Advisory Committee


Ingenium's Energy National Advisory Committee (NAC) provides advice to Ingenium with respect to the leadership of its initiative, Let's Talk Energy. This advice may be with respect to the plans, objectives, themes, and components of this national initiative, as well as the further development of Ingenium's national energy-related collection, based on members' knowledge of the energy sector in Canada and its economic, social and/or environmental challenges and opportunities.

The NAC's advice will be valuable to Ingenium in key areas such as generating creative ideas and approaches, and defining goals, learning objectives and measures of success. Ingenium will carefully consider the advice provided by NAC members, as appropriate, in its internal decision-making processes. The committee is not a decision-making body, and consensus amongst its members is not required. Ingenium retains full responsibility for the content of its exhibitions, programs and marketing.


The Energy National Advisory Committee will generally meet three to four times per year. To the extent possible, meetings will be hosted in various locations across Canada to enable occasional face-to-face participation, but all meetings will be also conducted by teleconference (or videoconference if possible). In minutes of meetings, there will be no attribution of comments made to members.  The committee may choose to strike smaller groups to meet outside the regular meeting schedule to consider advice that can be offered on specific questions and subsequently bring their ideas back to the full committee. Members may also identify individuals who are not committee members to participate in these groups. Examples of potential topics for consideration include:

  • Building the energy-related national collection.     
  • Encouraging financial commitments from a broad spectrum of organizations.
  • Developing and implementing media strategies.
  • Communicating with Canadians about careers in the energy industry.

Composition of the energy national advisory committee

The NAC consists of approximately 25 persons: one from within the Ingenium (in addition to the Co-Chair) and the remainder from outside the Ingenium. All efforts are made to have a membership that is regionally representative. Members may be drawn from a number of fields, including: 

  • Industry
  • Academia
  • Non-Government Organization
  • Education
  • Government
  • Media     

The Co-Chairs are the President and CEO, Ingenium and one member of the committee confirmed as Co-Chair by the committee's membership. The member Co-Chair participates in the leadership of committee meetings, and may be called upon for advice between meetings; for example, to assist in maximizing the engagement of committee members. The Ingenium representative is the Director General, Energy Initiative, who also serves as Committee Secretary. Members hold a two-year term, renewable up to two times for a total of up to six years.

NAC Members

(Last update: 4 December 2014)       

Name Title
Beth Diamond Managing Partner, National Public Relations (NPR)
Bob Oliver  Chief Executive Officer, Pollution Probe
Brenda Kenny  President & CEO, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)
Bruce Stuart  Associate Director / ADM, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Caroline Julien  President, CREO Inc.
Christina Tessier  Executive Director, Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM)
Corinne Craig  Executive-Director, SEEDS Connection
Ellen Pekilis  Executive Directory, Energy Exchange
Gareth Thomson  Executive Director, Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE)
Gerry Protti  Consulting, Protti Consulting & Alberta Energy Regulator
Jacob Irving  President, Canada Hydropower Association (CHA)
Jason Switzer  Director, Pembina Institute
Jeff Gaulin  Vice President, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
Jon Flemming  Vice-President, Sustainable Development Technology (SDTC)
John Barrett  President & CEO, Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) 
Kali Taylor  President, Student Energy
Lorna Carlson  Vice-President, Imperial Oil
Micheal Cleland   Executive in Residence, Canada West Foundation
Michael Moore  Area Director, Energy & Environment Policy, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary
Michael Binder  President and CEO, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Paula Dunlop  Director of Public Affairs and Strategy, Canada Gas Association (CGA) 
Peter Calamai  Consultant, Calamai Associates, Adjunct Professor, School of Journalism, Carleton University
Pierre-Luc Desgagné  Vice President- Public and Government Affairs, Hydro Quèbec
Ralph D. Torrie  Managing Director, Trottier Energy Futures Project
Robert Hornung  President, Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) 
Robert Slater   Adjunct Professor in Environmental Policy, Carleton University
Sam Shaw  Advisor, Manning Centre School of Practical Politics 
Wanda Nyirfa  Vice-President, Saskatchewan Research Council


Any member wishing to withdraw from the NAC may do so by advising the co-chairs.


Participation in the NAC is voluntary and is not remunerated.