Talk Energy Week

About Talk Energy Week

Talk Energy Week is a national energy awareness week devoted to people learning and talking about energy systems, sources and use. Join the conversation!

Talk Energy Week – IT’S ON!

Why a week devoted to energy awareness? Look around you – energy is everywhere!  And how we make it, how we move it, and how we use it are questions that are critical to our economic, social and environmental well-being.  The choices each one of us makes will affect our own lives, and those of future generations. But there are no simple solutions.  The more informed our choices are, the better the outcomes. 


Why an energy awareness week?

Energy is central to our everyday lives, so as part of its program, Let’s Talk Energy determined to create a national energy awareness week to open the energy dialogue in Canada.

What is Let’s Talk Energy?

Let's Talk Energy is a national program that aims to enhance energy awareness and literacy among Canadians to contribute to a sustainable energy future.

How did Talk Energy Week come about?

Ingenium is leading this initiative through its Let’s Talk Energy (LTE) program which invites all Canadians to explore energy systems and their elements, and the relationship between energy, the Canadian economy and the environment. 

LTE brings together a national network of partners and advisors to inform and engage Canadians on energy topics to support them in making informed choices. The initiative works to:

  • improve energy literacy amongst Canadians; 
  • maximize the number of Canadians engaged in a dialogue on Canada's energy future;
  • engage Canadians in the important role science and technology plays and has played in shaping Canada’s energy past, present and future. 

 Are other museums involved in Talk Energy Week too?

The Museum Affiliated Partners Program (or MAPP) is a national network of museums and science organizations who have partnered with Ingenium to collaborate and contribute to Let's Talk Energy – Engaging Ideas for Canada's Future

Some of these organizations, along with Ingenium's three museums, the Canada Science Technology Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, are presenting or developing complementary exhibitions or programs on the theme of energy. Together, these organizations offer Canadians the opportunity to explore their relationship with energy, learn and understand about developments in new energy technologies, and appreciate their role and the role of others in improving the environmental sustainability of energy production and use.

How can I get involved?

Visit the Get Involved page for details on how you, your organization or your community can get involved and participate in Talk Energy Week.