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Our guest bloggers, from a wide range of backgrounds, share their thoughts on the importance of energy, its place in our lives and our energy future.

Canadian energy at a crossroads? Part 1

Many people talk about the continuing need for a productive energy dialogue to get at the many issues facing Canada but I want to get to some of the tough questions that we need to be willing to ask if we want to make real progress in such a dialogue

The Walk For Energy

During Talk Energy Week 2015, Jonathan walked from Montreal to Ottawa, camping along the way, in order to see how energy affects the lives of Canadians.

Essential Energy: Part I

Humanity’s quest for fire has increased in intensity. We have dammed rivers, flooded arable land and cut lumber to feed our energy appetite. Today we burn billions of tons of coal, oil, and natural gas, all the while emitting greenhouse gases.

Driving the Recovered Past- Part III

Electric and hybrid vehicles had been criticized for being too expensive for the average individual to purchase. In 1998, Toyota began to mass produce a hybrid vehicle called the Prius. In doing so, they made the hybrid car affordable.

Photographe inconnu, Line at the Gas Station, 15 juin 1979, via Google Images, sous licence Labelled for Reuse
Driving the Recovered Past- Part II

In the face of global energy concerns, many automobile companies are producing electric cars in order to become more energy efficient. Following the Oil Crisis, there was resurgence in innovation of personal electric transportation.

Driving the Recovered Past- Part I

In the face of global energy concerns, many car companies are producing electric and hybrid cars to become energy efficient and sustainable. Many believe that electric cars have a bright future.

Oil Tankers:Transporting Consumerism

Conversations about oil may be more prominent but our dependency on oil and petroleum products is nothing new. It began with the discovery of oil in North America in the 1850s, providing a resource that would come be consumed on a global scale.

Solar Cars: A Bright Idea

With more hybrid and electric cars on the road than ever, Canadians are looking at innovative options for fueling transportation. But can we do more? University of Waterloo student Jonathan Tang makes a compelling case for solar cars!

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"Talk Energy" with Canadians

You might find it strange that a group of museums is interested in the public’s relationship with energy. But this curiosity is natural...

A Different Perspective

If zombies took over earth how long could power to be supplied to survivors? Would wind mills just keep turning?

Gareth Thomson
What should our kids be learning about energy?

Alberta kids should get the full meal deal when it comes to energy education. They need to increase their energy IQ and get a better handle on where our energy comes from and how it gets to their home.

Mike Cleland
Energy is Everywhere

One of the core themes of Let’s Talk Energy is that “energy is everywhere”. It is everywhere in the universe. But it is also everywhere in our daily lives...