Canadian Energy Literacy Network (CELN)

With the help of our amazing partners, Let's Talk Energy has built the Canadian Energy Literacy Network. This is a community of practice open to professionals, organizations, and advocates who are doing substantial work to improve energy literacy in Canada.   

Why is there a need for a Canadian Energy Literacy Network?

There are several organizations working to promote energy literacy at a local, national and even regional level across Canada.These organizations include NGOs, government, companies, universities/colleges, museums, and advocacy groups. Because the groups are so diverse, there is currently no association or network that allows them to connect and communicate naturally.

We recognized the great opportunity to collaborate with these groups, and we aim to be a point of connection between them. We want to help maximize the impact of their work and their dollars by creating a network through which they can share resources, learn from shared experience, and avoid duplicating work. Together, we can better define what energy literacy means and bring it to more Canadians than ever before.

How can I participate? Where can I learn more?

If you’re a organization, agency, corporation, or an energy-minded individual, we want to talk energy with you! To get involved with the Canadian Energy Literacy Network, or for more information, contact Jason Armstrong at

Current CELN Members


Actua is a national leader in its unique community-based approach to delivering customized programming designed to break down barriers to youth participation in STEM.

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA)

The Arctic Energy Alliance is a Not For Profit Organization located in Canada's Northwest Territories, which is working towards the NWT becoming a global leader in clean, efficient, sustainable energy practices.

Can Geo Education

Can Geo Education aims to strengthen geographic education in the classroom and increase the public awareness of the importance of geographical literacy.

Canadian Association of Science Centres

The Canadian Association of Science Centres builds capacity for its members to inspire a creative and prosperous Canada through science and technology engagement.

Canadian Gas Association

The CGA is the voice of Canada’s natural gas distribution industry including gas distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers.

Canadian Hydropower Association

The CHA is the national trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the hydropower industry whose members represent more than 95% of the hydropower capacity in Canada.

Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)

The CNA is a non-profit organization established to represent the nuclear industry in Canada and promote the development and growth of nuclear technologies.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

The CPAWS is Canada’s only nationwide charity dedicated solely to the protection of our public land and water, and ensuring our parks are managed to protect the nature within them.

Clean Foundation

Clean Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental environmental organization that provides the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to encourage the individual actions that add up to positive environmental change.

Energy Council of Canada

The Energy Council or Canada Brings together senior energy executives from industry and government to share in strategic thinking and collaboration on energy issues across Canada.

Energy Education

A team of energy literacy advocates working on an encyclopedia for the entire energy sector.

Energy Exchange

Energy Exchange, a division of Pollution Probe, is dedicated to advancing energy literacy in Canada.

Energy Futures Lab

A partnered initiative of The Natural Step Canada, Energy Futures Lab offers a suite of sustainability literacy programs and a platform to discuss, experiment, and innovate.


ENERGYminute is approaching Canadian energy consumption with a fact-based look at where our energy comes from, how it is used, and the reasons behind it to engage Canadians in meaningful, constructive dialog around energy and energy policy.

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES)

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship is a youth-led, youth-serving sustainable development organization, which seeks to educate children and youth on the reality of climate crisis and renewable energy.

The Gaia Project

A New Brunswick based charity with the mission to empower youth to take action on climate change by facilitating youth-led projects in environmental sustainability in schools in both official languages.

Generation Energy

Generation Energy, an initiative of Natural Resources Canada, aims to help Canadians want to meet Canada’s climate goals, create jobs and keep energy affordable.

GreenLearning Canada

GreenLearning creates free online education programs about energy and sustainability that engage and empower students to create positive change for our evolving world.

Indigenous Clean Energy Network (ICE)

ICE is a pan-Canadian not-for-profit organization that advances Indigenous inclusion in Canada’s clean energy future economy through Indigenous leadership, and broad-based collaboration with energy companies, utilities, governments, development firms, Cleantech innovators, academic sector, and capital markets.

Inside Education

Inside Education is a charitable education society that provides programs to enable Canadian teachers and students to understand the science, technology and issues related to our environment and natural resources.

Let’s Talk Energy (LTE)

LTE is a national energy literacy and awareness program that aims engage Canadians in a dialogue, which includes climate change, to contribute to a sustainable energy future.

Ontario Eco Schools

Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program that helps school communities develop ecological literacy and environmental practices.

Relay Education

Relay Education, formerly TREC Education, delivers renewable energy education programs in classrooms and communities across Canada to create systemic change for a greener future and fostering the next generation of renewable energy leaders.

Student Energy

Student Energy is a global non-profit organization that is creating a movement of young leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future.

Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI)

WGSI is a not-for-profit partnership of the Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo, which catalyzes conversations around complex global problems and develops strategic partnerships to advance ideas, opportunities and strategies for a secure and sustainable future.