Energy 101

Energy Consumption

Verena Matthew

What changes energy sources into driving your car, or a light source for studying? Energy systems create these necessary linkages. Find out here!

Energy Services

Every day Canadians use energy services to provide the amenities we have become accustomed to: comfort, convenience, access, and enjoyment.

Energy services include heating and cooling technologies that keep our homes and buildings comfortable; lighting and appliances that help us work and play; and transportation technologies that provide access to people and places.


Different technologies or services place different demands on energy systems—the commodities and sources we use for fuel and electricity. Our use of these technologies—how we choose to heat our homes or get to work for example—has an environmental and economic impact on our energy systems

Energy Uses

Energy sources and commodities—electricity, gas, heat—are a means to an end. They power technology that provides the energy amenities we want and have become accustomed to, including:

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Comfort: Having a safe, warm place to live is important in Canada. Heating our homes and buildings makes up a large part of our energy systems.

*Convenience: Cars, lighting, televisions, and household appliances are all examples of energy amenities based on a desire for convenience.

Access: Energy sources provide us with the power required to access people, places, and opportunities through fuel for transportation or electricity to power computers.

Enjoyment: Different people like different things but whether we are watching television in our homes, traveling on vacation, surfing the internet, or cooking a meal for family and friends, our enjoyment is made possible by an energy system.

David Watmough

Energy as a means to an end: In Canada today, energy is a necessary means to get the things we really want. How we choose to use the energy resources to meet our needs is, however, our decision.

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