About Let's Talk Energy

Meet the Team

Jason Armstrong

Jason is the Energy Literacy Network Coordinator at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, and currently manages the Let’s Talk Energy initiative. He has worked in museums for more than 15 years as a guide, educator, interpretative planner, and project manager.

Jason is naturally curious and loves learning, so working in a museum setting is a wonderful place for him. Working on the Let’s Talk Energy project has been an amazing experience. Energy is such an interesting topic that has many elements and off-shoots including economy, environment, sustainability, development, technology, and politics, that it continues to fascinate Jason!

When not at work, Jason likes to canoe and hike in the woods around the Ottawa/Gatineau area. He is an avid reader and enthusiastic board game player, and loves to cook for friends and family.

Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth first started with let's Talk Energy in summer 2015. Since then, she's been hooked on the energy conversation and the fun projects that come out of the initiative, like the Guinness World Record attempt and two Talk Energy Weeks. Energy really does affect everything in our day to day lives, and Elizabeth loves to talk about it even when she's not at work!

Elizabeth moved to Ottawa from south-western Ontario to study English and Political Science at the University of Ottawa four years ago. She can be found reading, playing music, or cooking (and eating!) when not working or studying.

Adam Young

Adam is the Talk Energy Week Coordinator for Let’s Talk Energy. As an environmental educator and teacher, he has worked both in the classroom and in the field, guiding students through both the Rocky & Coast mountains over the last nine years while completing undergraduate and graduate work in education. Adam’s focus is on engagement and collaboration of different partners and organizations in engaging students on questions of climate change and energy, something that he enjoys doing in the day-to-day planning of Let’s Talk Energy’s signature event.

Originally from Saskatchewan, he can be found biking in the Quebec countryside, reading the news, or listening to music. His research in sustainability solutions in education has taken him to Sweden each year for comparative research and he is board member for the Canadian Network of Environmental Education & Communication (EECOM).

Graham Taylor

Having devoted a career to helping build Canada’s capacity for innovation, including several years in the energy field, Graham is delighted to have the opportunity to help Canadians understand energy science and technology and how they transform Canadian life. Graham is a volunteer with the Let’s Talk Energy team, helping with planning, national networking and other needs. When not doing this, he likes to enjoy the outdoors in various ways, including walking, golf, skating, and swimming (in lakes), as well as reading, researching family history, and hanging out with his grandchildren.

Shane Patey

Shane is a passionate advocate for social and environmental justice and has been educating people in Canada about issues affecting them and their environments for nearly a decade. He has focused on connecting people with topics including the social determinants of health, Canadian health policy, and more recently, Energy and Climate Change. In his current role with Let’s Talk Energy, Shane favours educational models that explore energy and climate change as broad, dynamic and often challenging topics. Shane attended the University of Waterloo as an Undergraduate in Environment and Resource studies and is also an accomplished cook and recipe developer, these days just for fun!

Gillian Hogerland

Gillian is the program assistant for the Let’s Talk Energy initiative and specifically focuses on communication. She is very passionate about the energy and climate change and is fascinated by their undeniable correlation. She loves to work with projects that engage the public like showing people our "Power station" and using social media.

Gillian was born in Oshawa and is currently studying marketing at the University of Ottawa. During her spare time, she can be found traveling, reading, baking, and camping.

Gillian Lemieux

Gillian is the Program Assistant at Let's Talk Energy and is fascinated with where our energy comes from, how we use it, and how it affects everything around us. She focuses mainly on Communications for LTE, managing the team's social media accounts and assisting with events like Talk Energy Week.

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Gillian is currently studying marketing at Carleton University, in the Sprott School of Business. Outside of the office she enjoys painting, playing hockey, and travelling.