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An energy-conscious trek: museum guide walks from Montreal to Ottawa for Talk Energy Week

OTTAWA, February 16, 2015 – Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) guide Jonathan Boutin will embark on a pilgrimage of important energy-related sites as he walks from Montreal to Ottawa during the second Talk Energy week.

Throughout his weeklong trek from February 22 to 27, Mr Boutin will keep a careful log of the energy he consumes through food and expends by walking, as well as the energy quantity he uses to warm himself in his tent, cook his food, and light himself at night. This log will allow for an analysis of the tradeoffs between energy consumption and speed between traveling the same distance on foot or by motorized vehicle.

Along the way, Mr Boutin will also stop to visit and learn about energetically significant sites and projects along the way, such as the Carillon hydroelectric dam, the Fortress pulp and paper cogeneration plant in Thurso, and the Château Montebello’s efforts to be more energy-efficient.

“The goal of the Talk Energy initiative is to bring Canadians to reflect on their energy consumption, and to learn more about the consequences of their energy consumption choices,” said Alex Benay, CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC). “By making this brave trip, Jonathan will offer a brilliant demonstration of the energy tradeoffs Canadians are confronted with, all while making them discover significant energy sites along his way.”

Talk Energy Week is a national energy awareness week devoted to people learning and talking about energy systems, sources and use. The Talk Energy Week is part of the Let’s Talk Energy, an initiative of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC). Let’s Talk Energy aims to increase energy literacy across Canada, and to engage Canadians in considering our energy future. The Let's Talk Energy initiative has received support from several partners, including Imperial Oil Foundation, Suncor Energy Foundation, Encana, Cenovus, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Sustainable Development Technology Canada.



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