Educational Resources


Let's Talk Energy's Edukits deliver the activity plans and materials you need to carry out a series of comprehensive and exciting lessons on energy! Offered in both English and French, Edukits emphasize hands-on activities and Canadian content. They're designed in modules to give you flexibility, allowing you to deliver the units in any order.

DSC Energy for Tomorrow

Discover how energy is produced in today’s world! Includes activities on the basics of electromagnetism, experiments using renewable electrical energy sources, instructions on how to read and draw a basic wiring diagram, and exercises using series and parallel circuits.

Alternative Energy and Green Vehicle Technologies

Explore the basics of electrical circuitry by examining automotive technology! Includes demonstrations about electric motors and combustion engines. Visualize how energy is recovered in hybrid-electric vehicles, make your own biofuel, and measure exhaust gas emissions. Discover electrochemistry as you assemble a fuel-cell vehicle. (Created in collaboration with Transport Canada's ecoTECHNOLOGY for Vehicles program)