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Exploring Canada's Energy Future

How much do you know about Canada's energy system?

Exploring Canada's Energy Future - a teacher's guide, activities and infographics designed to help students navigate the importance of energy in Canada. Learn how to use real life Canadian energy data to explore Canada's energy future. Engage in fun activities like Energy Entrepreneurs" where students use data sets to secure investment in imagined energy projects.

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Downloadable infographics

Energy Facts - PDF

Energy lifecycles - PDF

Energy lifecycles - PDF

Lesson Plans

Exploring Canada's Energy Future - Teacher's Guide

Activity #1 - Canadian Energy Stories

Activity #2 - Energy Fact Sleuths

Activity #3 - Energy Entrepreneurs: Invest in This!

Activity #4 - Careers at the NEB: What is their background?

Powerpoint slide deck for Activity #2

Evaluation Rubric (editable MSWord file)

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