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Programs and Workshops

Let's Talk Energy's programs and workshops are designed to inspire students and bring a spark your energy curriculum! Our support materials can help you make the most of these unique educational experiences. Reserve yours now by calling 1-866-442-4416.

Energy and Forces

Explore the role that the Sun, air, and water play in energy production. Discover how these natural forces are harnessed and how they impact our everyday lives! Hands-on activities reinforce the understanding that everything that happens is the result of some form of energy.

Introduction to Electricity

What is current? What about static electricity? Discover how electrons move through an electrical conductor. Learn the role of simple circuit components and draw circuit diagrams. Use circuit boards to see how series and parallel circuits work, and how each is used. Measure the amount of electricity various light bulbs consume, and use devices that produce electricity.

Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Do you have a great energy-saving idea for your school? Take the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge!

Students across Canada will increase their energy awareness and help improve energy literacy across Canada.

Register by January 27, 2019.