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Talk Energy Week

Talk Energy Week 2019... It's On!

The biggest campaign of its kind in the country, Talk Energy Week offers balanced, fact-based events and programming in schools and communities across every province and territory. These dynamic learning opportunities will engage youth — the leaders of tomorrow — in conversations about energy, climate change, and the role that science and technology plays in planning for a prosperous, sustainable future.

About Talk Energy Week

Talk Energy Week is a national energy awareness week devoted to people learning and talking about energy systems.

Energy Champions

This year, Talk Energy Week is showcasing Indigenous Clean Energy Champions who are leading the transition to renewable energy sources in their communities and beyond. Check out their inspiring stories.

Cool Science Saturday

It’s Winterlude in Ottawa! One way to be cool but stay warm is inside the Canada Science and Technology Museum for Cool Science Saturday

Curiosity on Stage

Curiosity on Stage is a series of short, interactive presentations that brings you face-to-face with researchers and innovators.


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