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To What Degree? Canada in a Changing Climate

With compelling photography, To What Degree? Canada in a Changing Climate is a travelling photo exhibit that explores stories of individual and community resilience in the face of extreme events linked to climate change in Canada, like heat, storms, and wildfires.


Fascinating Exhibitions

Let’s Talk Energy includes cornerstone exhibitions in three national museums, as well as a broad range of activities and partnerships across the country. Experience energy in your community today!

Discovery Park

Farms don't just produce our food. More and more, they're producing renewable energy too! Take a stroll through the park at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum and try your hand at "harvesting" energy with windmills and solar panels, see what kinds of biofuels we're growing, and even meet the cute calves who help us produce biogas!

Green Skies Ahead

Are you ready to take off? This exhibition takes you on a tour of the innovative, carbon-friendly technologies that will shape commercial aviation over the next 50 years, from jet engines to super-light materials. Learn more in this fascinating exhibit at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.


Traveling Exhibitions

Climate Change is Here

View climate change issues from a global perspective with Climate Change is Here, an outdoor visual display based on the striking imagery of the award-winning National Geographic Magazine. This photographic display also takes a special look at Canadian technologies developed to help fight climate change.

Watt's Up

What powers your house? While kids transform renewable energy sources into electricity to feed their house, parents discover the major challenges of renewable energies in this exhibition. This traveling exhibition is currently on display in France and was produced by THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, Ontario.

*This exhibit is no longer travelling.

Energy House

 Visitors come away with a greater understanding of the energy that powers their lives and have a deeper appreciation of the balance between the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of energy. This little house packs a lot of information in a fun and dynamic way.

*This exhibit is no longer travelling.


Partner Exhibitions

Winds of Change

This permanent exhibit at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon explains how wind turbines generate electricity, and delves into history of wind power in Saskatchewan!


Altering the Current

How can we meet the challenges of energy and resource management? Part of the solution lies in new technologies. Discover the ones adopted by the Biosphere in Montreal


Renewable Energy Exhibition

What is energy? Renewable energy is everywhere, but it can be hard to collect it! It's up to us to capture, store and use energy wisely. Learn more at the Biosphere in Montreal.

Straw Gas Car

In 1918, professors at the University of Saskatchewan developed a car engine that ran on fuel extracted from straw! This car has been given a new lease on life and is now on display at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.